SCR Upgrades

Upgrading your current SCR system with World Wide Power Services allows you a great alternative to the high cost involved when purchasing an SCR. Our upgrades and refurbishment packages provide our customers with an SCR that is tailor made to suit their requirements allowing for a more efficient and cost effective system that is as good as new. Our packages include:

  • Repair rust or damaged sections of your metal SCR house
  • Replace old and damaged wiring and cables
  • Upgrade or re-certify your circuit breakers for increased capacity
  • Upgrading SCR bridge sizes to accommodate additional DC motors
  • Repair, replace, or upgrade remote control consoles
  • Adding an additional top drive, mud pump, or independent rotary table to your existing line-up
  • Upgrade or repair your HVAC system
  • Upgrade or repair your power and control distribution plug board to accommodate new loads
  • Add new eng-gen bay(s) for more power
  • Upgrade or repair your eng-gen set plug board
  • Upgrade or repair your MCC to accommodate new loads
  • Upgrade or repair your lighting power panel
  • Upgrade your main buss to handle power increases
  • Power and lighting transformer re-certification or replacement
  • Upgrade your power distribution contactors
  • Upgrade or replace relay logic with PLC logic and monitoring screen
  • Increase cooling efficiency by adding ducting and insulation to your SCR house

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